Churrasco’s Cancellation Policy

We are committed to providing top notch level of services for our customers. To assist us in maintaining a consistently high level of service, customers are encouraged to cancel any reservations that they will be unable to honor.

  1. Churrasco requires a credit card to make a reservation for 10 people or more.
  2. Churrasco reserves the right to charge cancellation fee of $62 per person for a failure to cancel a reservation 2 days before the reservation or “no show”.
  3. Cancellations will only be accepted two (2) days before the reservation.  Any cancellation made after the 2 day period shall be charged per this policy.
  4. Cancellation fee reflects the cost incurred by Churrasco in terms of staffing, food preparation and lost revenue as a result of turning away potential bookings.
  5. We will provide a receipt once the cancellation fee is applied.